The Average Index Finger

The Average Index Finger is anything that reaches from halfway to two-thirds of the way up the top joint of the Middle Finger.

If your partner has got this form of the Index Finger they are fortunate.

It indicates that they were born with a fairly good ego (when found in the passive hand) and that they are relaxed with themself (when in the dominant hand.)

This person can withstand criticism and challenge with more ease than others.

They have a protective layer that was there at birth. They tend to throw off adversity with few scars remaining.

It is a great gift though they may not be aware of it.

There are many celebrities with this formation and their lives more or less reflect the easygoing ways associated with it:

Bill Clinton, Harrison Ford, Che Guevara, Leonardo di Caprio, Pope Francis, Kevin Costner, Ronald Reagan, and Cuba Gooding.

None of these men are abrasive and they tend to let problems flow off of them like water off a duck’s back.

They don’t stay mad forever or spend hours plotting revenge. They are generally easy-going and natural, take the good with the bad and don’t let things get them down.