These celebrities were born shy

These gifted people were born shy. As they grew into adulthood, each put on a different cloak to cover their sensitive natures.

Elvis Presley
Who would guess that this handsome and charismatic singer had been born shy? Born in a shack in Mississippi, Elvis Presley had a natural musical gift. He rose from rags to riches on the strength of this talent and the wheeler dealing of his manager, Colonel Parker.

Elvis became rich and famous but he appeared to be unaware of his power. He clung to a close-knit group of childhood buddies for all his life, yet their friendships could not keep him from falling into the deadly grip of prescription drug abuse.

Ella Fitzgerald
When Ella Fitzgerald was orphaned as a teenager, she found herself in a New York Training School for Girls where she suffered extreme physical abuse. Ella escaped and survived alone on the streets of Harlem until she was discovered during a talent contest at the Apollo Theatre.

Despite attaining worldwide acclaim and financial security, Ella was plagued by self-doubt, ate too much comfort food, and had two failed marriages. Though she traveled widely to entertain her adoring fans, she led a reclusive private life.

Princess Diana
Before her sudden death in a speeding car, Princess Diana led a life of unimaginable luxury and heart-wrenching emotional trauma.

Told on her wedding night by her husband, the future King of England, that he had a mistress whom he would not be giving up, Diana must have cried herself to sleep on the wedding bed. Later, she put on a sparkling face and figure for the world to admire, while seeking emotional solace with a succession of lovers.

She fought a battle with bulimia and depression throughout her marriage. No doubt her two sons were the real great loves of her short life.