Sex on the Brain:The Biological Differences Between Men and Women

Sex on the Brain: The Biological Differences Between Men and Women is a chatty report on a broad range of animal and human studies.

It is intended to provide insight into hot-button issues such as:

  • aggression,
  • nurturing behavior,
  • infidelity,
  • homosexuality,
  • hormonal drives, and
  • sexual signals.

For centuries, links between biology and behavior have been mined for ammunition in the gender wars.

Western science has often tainted the discussion by skewing the norm toward men so that the biological underpinnings of their weaknesses and strengths are applauded while those of women are denigrated.

According to one researcher, "We inherit the behavior essentially of our past."

Morning sickness, for example, which steers some women away from strong tastes and smells, may once have protected babes in utero from toxic items.

Infidelity is a way for men to ensure genetic immortality.

When we deliberately change sex-role behavior... say men become more nurturing, or women more aggressive... our hormones and even our brains respond by changing, too.

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