Finger length

You’ll be able to judge finger length when you know the four hand types.

You will be surprised by the endless variety of hand types, finger and palm lengths, that you had never noticed before.

The length of a person’s fingers is relative to the whole hand. So when you look at a hand and concentrate on the finger length, you see it in relation to the shape of the palm.

About 80% of people have hands that fall neatly into one of these four categories. The rest have a mixed hand type... most often a Fire/Water combination

A Water Hand has fingers that are as long as, or even longer than, the long palm.

The Air Hand has long fingers and a square palm. This is the rarest of the hand shapes.

Those with long fingers take their time and mull things over. They focus in on a project and go to great lengths to check out every aspect of it.

They’re patient and thorough when performing a task and will work diligently until it’s done. They are detail-oriented. Some of them are obsessive-compulsive.

A Fire Hand has fingers that are short when seen in contrast to its long palm.

Fire Hands with short fingers tend to be impulsive and like to do things quickly. They think fast and can quickly grab the essence of whatever is being discussed.

Short-fingered people look at life on a big scale, and can oversee large projects because of the bird’s eye view they take of the world. They are action-oriented.

The Earth Hand, with short fingers and a square palm, does all of this on a much slower scale, probably in tune with the seasonal changes.