Fingerprint patterns

There are three main fingerprint patterns

  • Loop
  • Whorl
  • Arch

Your index fingerprint is the equivalent of your astrological Sun Sign

Look at his index finger

Look at the Index Finger of the hand he writes with... his dominant hand.

This print is most important because it’s on the finger that represents his ego.

What other finger gets as much use as the index? It is the most direct servant of our brain, of all our exterior body parts.

Eighty per cent of fingerprints can be identified as a Loop, Whorl or Arch. While it’s not necessary for soul mates to share exact fingerprint types, it’s important that your print patterns be compatible with his.

To know a man’s fingerprints is to have a good grasp of his basic behavior and inner drives.

The Loop... I fit in

The man with a Loop Fingerprint on his index finger is easy-going, popular and adaptable.

He can take on any work and make a go of it. His workmates respond to him as a good buddy.

If he finds himself in a crisis, he’ll pull together a group to work out the problems. He’s an all-round, well-balanced and capable guy.

The Loop man will be a welcome member on any team. He’ll also be popular on a committee, tending to tread the middle ground. He’s a great host at a party and mixes well with every kind of guest.

It’s a good idea for him to take up hobbies or join a gym because the Loop is the most prone to become a couch potato. For him, it’s wise to seek out stimulation because it doesn’t come from within him.

He can marry any of the fingerprint patterns and accommodate their differences. The Loop person gets along with all the other fingerprint patterns.

The Whorl... I think

The man with a Whorl fingerprint on his index finger is the individualist and thinker. There is often an artistic or creative nature found with the Whorl person.

Because they spend a great deal of time in their own private world, thinking, reading and dreaming, they will have clearly formed opinions.

A Whorl person is thoughtful, intense and self-contained. They have an innately private nature and do not reveal their personal feelings easily or willingly.

The Whorl person enjoys solitude but can empathize and easily bond with other Whorls as well as those from the Whorl family.

They can get along with a Loop person, as does everyone. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum from an Arch, however.

If you marry a Whorl, it’s a good idea to accept that their need to keep hidden many personal feelings is of the utmost importance to them. They are not shutting you out, but rather protecting their own strong need for privacy and the inner world that is their creation and their refuge.

The Arch... I do

The man with an Arch fingerprint on his index finger is practical, efficient, reliable and hardworking.

He’s reserved and prefers to keep his emotions under wraps.

If there’s a repair to be done, a manual to follow, or a map to be read, the Arch fingerprint is your guy. In an emergency, he’s Mr. Unflappable who solves the problem calmly and with common sense.

He’s suspicious and doesn’t believe anything until it’s been proved. In a changing world, he’ll be the last to accept innovation. If you’re planning a move, give him plenty of time to get used to the idea and remember that he’ll want good reasons for it.

The Arch person can get along easily with a Loop or another Arch person. And while they can adapt to a Whorl, simply because being practical is what they’re all about, there isn’t a great deal of common ground for these very different personalities.

However, when love is strong, and if a couple is mature, it can make an interesting combination.

As a romantic partner, the Arch fingerprint person appears to be the least demonstrative and doesn’t often smile or jump for joy on the outside, but can feel intensely on the inside.

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