How to make the first date the last

These first date mistakes send a man’s testosterone levels into a fast dive.

You’ve seen these and worse dating mistakes on TV.

  • Be self-absorbed
    Make sure the conversation is about you, you and only you. If he starts to tell you about his day--jump right in and take back the limelight. After all, life is short and you’ve only got so much time, so that light might as well be shining on you.
  • Appear desperate to marry
    Describe the loud ticking of your biological clock. Drone on about the benefits of wedding registries. Tell him he’ll have to give up the sports car when the kids arrive.
  • Whine about every little thing
    Let him know that nothing you experience with him is as good as what you’ve had with other men. If he takes you to a steakhouse, tell him you live and die for seafood. Criticize the décor so he knows you’re more high-class than this place. Call him cheap when you see his tip.
  • Be a control freak
    Shriek loudly in the car and let him know you can drive better. Show him how to hold his hamburger so it doesn’t drip. Tell him he should have taken extra napkins, and by the way, where’s the salt?

    Then show him how to get to the men’s room. He probably won’t be back.

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