Hand analysis can change your life

Hand analysis is a modern science that is fast gaining popularity among young people wanting to understand themselves and the people in their lives.

To look at your hands, you wouldn’t think that they contain such important information as which profession you're likely to choose or who you're compatible with when it comes to relationships.

Your hands can tell you a great deal about you: talents, character, health, and your romantic nature are all reflected in the hand shape, line patterns and skin ridges.


Palmistry, as it was known by most people in the early days, has long been associated with fortunetelling.

All this changed in the 20th Century when psychologists at some of the world's leading universities undertook to validate the meaning of many features found in the hands. This is the reason why practitioners today prefer to call it modern hand analysis.

Among other conclusions, the studies established that hands are controlled by a larger part of the brain cortex than any other part of the body. If you use your imagination, you can actually think of your hands as the visible part of your brain.

Body chemistry, your nervous system, and genetics, also influence the shaping of your hands throughout your life.


Have you ever met a great person and wondered if they were "the one"? 

Or felt that you were not sure that your job was really "you"?

Reading hands can give you the insight to help sort out your personal relationships. For example, a simple thing like understanding someone's fingerprint pattern and heart line can give you a whole new view of the people around you; those you work with and those you are close to.