How hand reading can help you

I use hand reading to guide people to make better choices in life, with the focus on their close personal relationships.

When a woman asks me to read her hands, I know there is probably trouble with her love life. If she’s married, I’ll ask to see the hands of her husband as well.

Money and looks don’t guarantee a happy love life. What does?

Read His Hands, Know His Heart

is a short-cut method to find out how compatible you are with any partner, or how different. When you understand him...

You’ll be able to make the relationship work
or to walk away

Why do I sound so confident? Because for the 20+ years I’ve been reading hands I’ve been thanked endlessly for changing lives.

Since I can’t read the hands of every one of you, my book allows you to help yourself. 

Read His Hands, Know His Heart

It gives clear guidance and offers concrete advice for improving relationships, especially with your true love.

Character may be destiny, but through understanding your character, and the character of those you love, you can influence your own destiny.

With this book, you will see, perhaps for the first time, that to know a man is to truly love him. After listening to women for over two decades, I understand what they want to know about men.

When I ask a client if she has any questions, I know that her answer will be, “Will I find my true love?”

My book gets right to the heart of what I have learned and explains how I answer this question.

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