hand shapes 

If you want to classify your own hand shape, just place your hand down on a piece of paper and outline it with a pen. This will clearly show you the shape.

A person's hand shape reflects character traits that influence      

  • your life
  •  the way you interact with others
  • and even where you prefer to live                            

The shape of a partner’s hand is an important consideration when checking for general compatibility.

There are four hand shapes:  Water, Fire, Earth, Air

It’s one of the easiest things to look for when you’re checking out a prospective partner.

The four types are quite distinct. Once you’ve studied them, you’ll wonder how you ever got along with anyone without this knowledge.

And you’ll be fascinated to see that you’re mostly attracted to others whose hand shapes are compatible with your own.

Many world leaders and celebrities can be seen waving to the public on television. Study their upheld hands. It's a good way to learn to quickly determine the different hand shapes.