Handprints are taken with a roller and ink to help the palmist analyze the hands.

The hand shape reflects character traits that influence your life, the way you interact with others, and even where you prefer to live.

Two of the hand shapes, Water and Earth, are found on those with quieter, more introspective natures. The other two, Fire and Air, are the sure sign of an energetic, go-getting type. When a combustible type gets together with a gentle one, there is a way they can make it work.

Fingerprints don't change. They reflect the essence of your character and also that of your romantic partner. When you learn what this means, you’ll be able to see and appreciate the gifts you each bring to the union.

The Loop, Arch and Whorl patterns let you check for compatibility with your partner. Some odd pairings thrive when the partners appreciate what their differences add to the relationship.

Skin ridges are also with us for life, whether it is a Loop of Good Humor or an Animal Affinity Mark. They determine whether your partner is a comedian, serious or able to command attention wherever they go.

These traits can be influenced but not changed

In other words, you will do many things for love, but if you think you can change someone's character, think again.

Your hand print can be taken with a cell phone photo or with printing ink. 

This is the hand cast of Pablo Picasso, showing every feature needed to read a hand.