The Head Line

The Heart Line gives vital insight into a man’s emotional make- up. The Head Line gives you helpful information about the way he thinks.

To determine what kind of thinking patterns a man has, we’re going to reduce this to

  • the length of the line
  • the direction
  • the flexibility

A long line

is a sure sign that this guy thinks in a detailed and careful manner.

He can talk about a wide range of topics and interests. And, when the Head Line is really long and teamed with knotty fingers or a long little finger, then you may as well just sit back and enjoy the show.

If he’s bright and well-informed, it will be a delight. If he’s not, you may want to run screaming.

But he will be inclined to lecture, perform, recite, inform and pontificate.

A short line

reflects a simple, practical and straightforward manner of thinking. It is called The Engineer’s Head Line if it ends very abruptly.

Men with this formation are certainly brilliant in the field of design.

Ask any woman who is married to an engineer and she will confess that he’s no Shakespeare. He addresses the issue at hand with a no-frills approach.

This man deals with essentials. This is the Head Line of the problem solver.

A straight line

is the sure indication of a clear and concentrated manner of thought.

The man with this pattern gets right to the point, regardless of whether the line is straight across the hand or sloping downward. He will be stable and practical.

In the business world, this type of Head Line was once quite common. When it goes straight across the palm, the owner focuses on the material world and fiscal success.

He applies the same hard-headed approach to finding a suitable woman.

A curved line

is found on men who like to explore new ideas and concepts and have a flexible approach to everything.

In the work world of high-tech innovation, this Head Line reflects the ability to combine imaginative fantasy with common sense, a winning combination.

This is now the Head Line more commonly found in a business world dominated and supported by computer technology.

A sloping line

reflects a mind that is drawn to the world of fantasy and the imagination, magic, mythology and science fiction.

A man with this formation enjoys video games that take him to other worlds and will want to sit through The Lord of the Rings many times.

His forte is the creative side of business, such as website designer, web artist, or writer. He has one foot on planet earth, and the other foot in the realm of the imagination.

To make it easier to remember what a Head Line reflects, remember that the top half of the palm is the practical, material world and the bottom half of the palm is the world of the imagination and the unconscious.

So whenever you see a Head Line that is predominantly positioned in one or other of these spaces, you know that you have a mind focused on these realms.

Short Head Lines give the ability to see things clearly and concisely while Long Head Lines reflect the tendency to think an issue through. The more curved or undulating a Head Line, the more flexible and creative the thought processes of its owner.

Finally, if you come across a Head Line that seems unusual, you can be sure that its owner has an original way of thinking and presenting himself.

Perhaps he is eccentric, innovative or outrageously funny, able to find humor where no-one else sees it. He may be a creative genius able to express his originality through the arts.

Like the person who has a fingerprint that is unique, the guy with an extraordinary Head Line will have a thought process to match.


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