The Heart Line is key

The Heart Line is a key to your emotional life and to the way others respond to you. It reveals your hopes, needs and expectations in romantic matters.

It is a sure indicator of someone’s emotional, romantic and sexual nature. This line is easy to check out when your love interest uses their hands to gesture.

By learning about the Heart Line, you’ll discover why your partner gets emotionally upset or why they never forget an anniversary. You’ll recognize the difference between those who are born to save the world and the ones who always want the best of everything. You’ll find out how a person approaches a new romantic partner and why.

Everyone wants an available, willing and caring partner. So how do you get a particular person to focus on you and want only you? It helps to understand someone’s approach to love and sex.

The Heart Line can be either Curved or Straight. The curved one means they have a direct and physical approach to romance. The straight one means they have a thoughtful or mental approach.

But everyone wants the same things

·        To have respect

·        To feel important

·        To keep the passion hot

·        To have trust in a partner

These are basic needs that most people share. It’s in the approach to finding this special partner we can vary.

The Curved Heart Line

If you’ve got your eyes on someone with this line, they’ll have their eyes on you as well. And their hands before too long!

This curving line of emotion is found on those for whom the physical aspect of love is upper-most in the mind. For this reason, these people are also attracted to the best-looking partners.

This is the one who jumps right in there, even if they are on the shy side. They have an active approach to love and romance.

This person displays their emotions in public more freely than others. They tend to be the initiator in a romance and like to get physically involved quickly. They want affection, love and sex and they’re quite upfront about going after these with a targeted mate.

Throughout the courtship, they take the initiative by suggesting where they should go and what they might do together. They like to be the dominant partner and are quick on the draw in every way when it comes to romance.

The Dramatically Curved Heart Line

The more it curves upward, the more all of this will apply. If it actually curves dramatically upward like a drawn bow, the owner will fall in and out of love on a regular basis. In fact, being in love could be the whole focus of their existence.

They’ll carry photos of the beloved and text or chat regularly. Of course, this person is also interested in you as a person, but sex is uppermost in their steamy imagination.

Not all persons with this dramatic line carry out their romantic fantasies. Some throw themselves passionately into a career or hobby so that it takes over their life.

The Straight Heart Line

If you’ve fallen for someone with this line, you may have to make the first approach.

This is the person who is thoughtful and considerate. They usually take their time before asking you out. This is because they want to make sure that you have something in common.

They’ll ask your friends about you, and if they feel you’re interesting, sincere and compatible, they’ll want to call you.

But if they don’t call, and you feel there’s an attraction, don’t hesitate to contact them yourself. This person will be happy that you did because it’s not that easy for them to make the first move.

Don’t expect this person to be Take-Charge. They’re too considerate for that. They’ll ask you where you’d like to go or what kind of food you prefer to eat. This is just the way they’re made.

Once you have them in your life, they can be just as sexy and passionate as any of those others with the Curving Heart Lines. But this will mainly occur in private, when it’s just the two of you. This partner is also considerate of your preferences, always checking first to see what movie you like or where you want to spend a special holiday.

They think about you and about the relationship and try to do the right thing to make you happy. They are compassionate, both about you and about the world in general, a caretaker and a good friend. Whereas the partner with the Curved Heart Line is passionate in public, the Straight Heart Line lover often prefers to keep his emotions in check till you’re alone.

Once in love, they’ll enjoy talking about and planning a very special wedding day to be shared with your family and closest friends and remembered for all of your lives.

This partner checks you out by listening to you and watching how you act. They wait until they feel they have gotten to know what sort of person you are before asking you out. And they make sure the outing is conducive to what they have learned you enjoy.

This partner is looking for compatibility, companionship and sex. They like to share the power in a relationship, rather than being the dominant person.