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There are variations on the Heart Lines, which are basically straight or curved.

Branches on the Heart Line

If a person has branches on his Heart Line it’s an indication that his emotional nature is more complicated than most.

When there are two branches on the Heart Line, it’s like having both a Straight Heart Line and a Curved Heart Line. In other words, this man needs to be both physically and mentally attracted to his partner.

He has the active, romantic inclinations of the curved line along with the sensitive and introspective qualities of the straight line. He is both passionate and compassionate in nature and in regards to his romantic partner.

This is an excellent pattern because it gives an extra depth to any close attachment.

If the Heart Line has three branches, his emotional and sexual nature will be more involved. He’ll be like a complex engine that requires more than one intake valve transporting fuel to keep it running smoothly.

A man with three or more branches on his Heart Line will look for emotional, sexual and mental compatibility in a partner. If the search is successful, the chances of establishing a successful marriage are very good.

In the meantime, he’ll have a good time dating different women who fulfil at least some of his needs.

The Idealistic Heart Line

There are a number of people who have the Curved Heart Line ending just to the edge of the Index Finger. It’s called the Idealistic Heart Line.

Being a form of the Curved Heart Line, the owner will have a strong emotional and sexual nature. In addition, he will be particular about who he dates. Once he goes out with you, it will soon be evident that you are very special and that he has put you on a pedestal.

This Idealistic Heart Line makes the owner choosy about his friends. Most of us are happy to establish friendships with almost anyone who has common interests, vocation or values. But the Idealistic Heart Line has strong ideas about what kinds of friends are most suited to be part of his life.

He tends to want the very best of everything in life. He has a good idea of what makes a perfect romantic partner as well and that’s what he searches for.

The problems arise as the relationship progresses. Nobody is perfect. The first time she turns up for a date in too-casual attire he may ask her sarcastically if she just got out of bed. So don’t get sloppy if you’ve fallen for this guy.

He’ll look up to you as long as you’re his perfect woman and make him proud. If you keep him happy and convince him he’s chosen the right one, he will continue to worship the ground you walk on.

A Woman with the Idealistic Heart Line

If you’re a woman with this form of the Heart Line, don’t despair if you’ve reached thirty-five and still aren’t married. Take your time and use your good judgment because that’s the way you are built. Enjoy your years as a single and don’t worry that you’ll end up on the shelf.

The fact is that you are single not from a lack of potential partners, but rather because you are finicky by nature. You take a longer time to find your match because you can’t settle for less than Prince Charming.

Because you do take great care when choosing a partner, the chances of you eventually establishing a strong and long-lived marriage are quite good.

It’s best for the woman with the Idealistic Heart Line not to marry young as such marriages tend to occur in haste and without the wisdom that age and experience bring. If you do end up with a man who is not up to your ideal, you will be unhappy and will not remain in the marriage.

The other thing to watch out for, once attached, is to take care that you are not overly critical of your partner. Because you’ve seen and chosen “the perfect man” through your rose-colored glasses, you may find yourself demanding too much from him or being unduly critical. This pressure can make a happy marriage difficult. So pull back the reins if you see this happening.

Appreciate and enjoy your fine catch and give him plenty of unconditional love because anyone who is adored will give back in kind.

The Humanitarian Heart Line

There’s a special form of the Heart Line that stretches across the entire hand. It is called the Humanitarian Heart Line and, in fact, is commonly found on the hands of those whose career is in the service of others.

If you’ve fallen in love with a man with this form of the Heart Line, you must be prepared to share him. This is the man who reaches out to help all of humankind. He is caring and compassionate towards all who need him.

The Humanitarian Heart Line is a sign of selfless idealism. Those who have it care about others and often take up a profession involving such caring. In their romantic affairs, those with this line tend to look after their loved ones.

They delight in offering care and attention and make devoted spouses and parents. They never get tired from supporting and helping anyone they happen to be fond of, and sometimes fall in love with someone in need of special care.

People with this line may choose a mate with physical handicaps or other medical problems or marry someone who is neurotic or psychologically unstable.

It is commonly found on healers, social workers and the staff at your local crisis centers or those running shelters for the sick or homeless.

A woman who marries such a man must be understanding of his special heart and the way he gives his time to so many others besides his family.

The Downward Sweeping Heart Line

Sometimes you can find a Downward Sweeping Heart Line that reaches down to touch the Life Line. It’s an indication that the owner can be very easily hurt in love.

Some people don’t think twice about tossing an unwanted partner out of their life in a brusque manner. Others can bounce back quickly when a hurt is inflicted on them by a loved one. Not so the person with the Downward Sweeping Heart Line.

He is more likely to be a sensitive and emotional guy who jumps in front of the subway train when his girl leaves him for another man.

It’s very likely that he was hurt in the past. Perhaps he was dumped on his wedding day or waited patiently for many years while his love got her degree, only to be cast aside when she took off with her professor. It doesn’t matter what the traumatic events were, but this Downward Sweeping Heart Line indicates the owner was hurt in the past, and is susceptible to being very hurt by romantic transgressions.

As a result of his particular vulnerability, this man is unusually caring and considerate of other people’s feelings. There is little chance that he will ever do you wrong or break your heart. Having been the victim of emotional angst so many times, he is particularly careful not to bring any such pain into the lives of others.

The Simian Line

People who have a Simian Line are special indeed, and are both intense and dynamic. This is a single bar line across the palm, that takes the place of the Head Line and the Heart Line. In fact, it is a combination of both lines.

The Simian Line is the sign of inner tension, one that can be creative, destructive or a little bit of both. People with this pattern in their hand(s) often experience difficulty relaxing and commonly report that they have never felt as though they fit in anywhere.

The line can appear as a simple clear bar across the hand or can come in the form of a complex series of lines that form a bar across the hand.

If you are looking at a hand that does not have a separate line for the Head Line and one for the Heart Line, you can be sure that it’s a form of the Simian Line.

Many people with this line join radical political groups, are devotees of religious gurus or become members of the UFO Society. On the other hand, many of them are atheists and reject any belief system.

People with Simian Lines often display great determination and have a pronounced character. Even though life is not easy for them, they can be found among the highest achievers in almost every field.

Many Simian Line people find fame; Michael Moore, Robert de Niro, John Steinbeck, Nikita Kruschev, Eddie Murphy, Lauryn Hill, Pope John XXIII, Tony Blair and Kevin Costner all have Simian Lines in their hands. They are known for their passionate approach to life that no doubt contributed to their political or artistic accomplishments.

People with Simian Lines are filled with restless energy. There are no half measures with them. Everything they do is done with purpose and drive. This energy can be released through hard work or dynamic sports like tennis or hockey. A person with this line does everything with gusto, concentrating on the task at hand and beavering away until its completion.

One of the ways to release this energy is through creative endeavors. The owner of a Simian Line feels relaxed when he is focused on creativity.

If you’re dating a Simian Line guy, keep in mind that he will have strong opinions. Imagine if every little thing that popped into your head registered immediately in your heart. This is reality for a Simian Line person due to their Head and Heart Lines being one.

If he starts to speak about a crooked politician his heart rate will rapidly increase and he may start to shout. For the Simian Line person, it’s virtually impossible to stop the emotions from reacting to what is going through his mind.

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