The Index Finger

The Index Finger allows you to see how a man feels about himself. It is a reflection of his self-confidence.

It can be Long, Average, or it can be Short. Because as many as half of all men were born with a degree of shyness, you have a fifty per cent chance of marrying a shy man.

To check out your boyfriend, look at his childhood hand. His left if he's right-handed; his right if he is left-handed.

This is the hand that directly registers how he felt about himself as a child. Check out the length of his index finger.

Then, to see how he has dealt with life, look at the index finger on his dominant hand.

The Index Finger tells you how a man reacts to everything around him.

Some men, depending on their looks, life experiences and efforts, manage to mask the early anxieties. They are never totally free of its effects, however, because of the power of the unconscious mind.

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