The Long Index Finger

long index finger

The Long Index Finger is anything measuring higher than 2/3 of the way up the top joint of the Middle Finger.

This finger reflects a strong ego, or sense of self

The owner will be quite sure of his abilities and enjoy getting to the top. In fact, he expects to get to the top of whatever business he has chosen.

He can take the lead with no qualms and set a confident example for those who follow.

Rather than suffering from nerves like the Short Index Finger, this guy is smooth as glass.

You could say that these men are natural leaders, rather than leaders who climbed up in an attempt to bury insecurities. Fidel Castro is an example.

The Long Index Finger man takes control of his own affairs and is not easy for others to influence. He needs to be boss. And people respond to his confidence.

He wears his confidence as a sort of armor that deflects any negative comment.

Sometimes you can find a Long Index Finger person who says they are shy or introverted or insecure.

This is not the case. He is mistaking his own preoccupation with his self-image for self-doubt.

These men can be good leaders if they have other skills and abilities. But most of all they are absorbed with their own sense of self and endlessly ask questions such as “Where am I going?”, “Was that the best decision for my career?” and, “What about me!?”

Those with Long Index Fingers want to be respected and admired by others. They don’t really care if you like them.

It’s not wise to make fun of this person.

Remember how the Short Index Finger person tends to see criticism even where it does not exist?

The Long Index Finger person takes everything so seriously that it can appear that the same mechanism is at work. It is not. He mulls over every word you say and makes sure that it truly reflects the way he sees himself, in the best light possible.

Because they tend to be serious and hardworking, they see no reason why the very top shouldn’t be their place in the natural order of things.

These people hate to be told what to do. After all, they’ve spent considerable time thinking about their strengths and shoring up their weak spots, and consider that they know best.

The only thing that stands between them and getting elected to head any group is that a few Short Index Fingers felt slighted by what they perceived to be condescension in the campaign speeches. The Average Index Finger folks have no problem with the Long Index Fingers and are rushing up to cast their ballots.

Long Index Finger men are quite rare

They need to be the boss, the leader, so any female who is prepared to take on the role of faithful underling may fit the bill.

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