Lucky in love

Some people are lucky in love and find their perfect partner in life. Others are unlucky and experience an endless string of unhappy relationships.

New research discovers why

As part of his ongoing research into the psychology of luck, Dr Richard Wiseman devised a questionnaire measuring key aspects of people's psychological make-up, such as their levels of extraversion, optimism, intuition, etc.

One hundred people completed the questionnaire and then imagined that they were about to go on a blind date.

They were shown the fictitious date's questionnaire scores, and were asked whether they would like to meet the person.

Lucky people showed a very strong preference for dates who had a similar psychological make-up to themselves… unlike unlucky participants.

“These people are lucky in love because they are instinctively attracted to partners who are psychologically similar to them, and research shows that such similarity makes for a successful relationship,” said Dr Wiseman.