The male ego

Feed his ego

The male ego needs attention. Make friends with his ego. You should make him feel like Conan the Barbarian several times a week.

Want him to pitch in around the house? Give him little assignments, like programming the VCR or hanging photos.

When he puts up a shelf, praise him. If it’s not hanging straight, don’t say anything. Straighten it yourself when he’s not around or get a handyman to fix it.

The minute you say “It’s crooked!” it’s all over. He’ll never do anything handy around the house again.

Men need to be stroked. In addition to having to feel that he is “right,” a man needs to have things be “his idea.”

So remember, it’s always his idea. Even if it isn’t, convince him that it is.

From Why Men Marry Bitches

by Sherry Argov

Another good book is The Male Ego

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