About Marion Gale

Marion Gale, creator of the Love Deck™ has counseled couples for twenty years.

Her specialty is a unique method to determine compatibility. Marion’s method can help to strengthen a shaky marriage. Or it can guide any woman to choose the best mate possible.

Marion has helped countless clients transform their lives
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In the decades she spent studying human behavior, Marion noticed many couples stay together who should never have married. She witnessed first-hand the emotional fall-out on both the parents and their children.

Her conclusion was that it is better to find the most compatible partner possible, in order to ensure a stable and happy marital home.

This is why she applied her knowledge to develop the Love Deck™

She spent five years making sure it contained the best method possible for finding a soul mate. Then she tested the deck on hundreds of eager clients.

Now this unique method can best predict the future happiness of any couple. It shows how the major differences and compatibilities of a couple can predict the degree of harmony.

The Love Deck™ will help any woman find a loving partner

Read His Hands, Know His Heart

comes in a mega or mini kit, both beautifully boxed with a book and card deck.

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