What raises a man's serotonin levels

And puts a guy on top

Scientists tell us what puts a male on top...

When serotonin levels (the hormone that makes us feel happy) were measured in monkeys by scientists at UCLA, they found:

• those with low levels were the most aggressive

• those with high levels were not only happiest, but often rose to positions of leadership in the group.

Then the scientists re-arranged the social structure of the monkeys. The animals who had been in top positions of power, and then got demoted:

• suffered a drop in their level of serotonin and became so cranky that they often committed acts of violence

• but those who had been promoted from below to a higher place in the pack showed an increase in serotonin levels.

So those who are at the bottom of the social scale, or those who are born into a poor environment and have neglectful parents, will have low levels of serotonin. This promotes both depression and aggression.

The testosterone yo-yo

Unlike serotonin, which makes men cranky if they don’t have enough of it, there is a hormone that causes aggression when a man has too much--testosterone.

Men have far-higher levels of testosterone than females, no doubt being the reason why more men commit murder in every society than do women.

And just as you saw that how a man behaves can alter his serotonin, so can it change his testosterone levels.

An aggressive encounter will change a man’s testosterone levels. Men who come out on top in a fight get a blast of testosterone and men who lose suffer a drain.

Men don’t even have to get physical to experience this hormonal surge. Winning a $5 coin toss can get a man pumped.

In fact, the most surprising test results were those that showed that a man can actually be doing poorly in a contest, but if he is told that he’s the winner his testosterone still soars.

So it’s a man’s brain and the messages inside it that trigger his sex hormone, testosterone.

What you say and do on a first date may be irreversible.

The testosterone yo-yo explains why men fill wrestling arenas, can’t tear themselves away from video games and... fall in love with women who tell them they’re the greatest lover on the planet.

And it’s why men are glued to the Super Bowl, first cheering and then cursing, till they know their team has won -- and why there’ll be no sex that night if the boys lose.

From Living with Our Genes by Dean Hamer and Peter Copeland

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