The Short Index Finger

The Short Index Finger is anything that is shorter than half-way down the top joint of the Middle Finger.

It indicates a self-doubt that can lead to a lack of self-confidence. It makes life more difficult. It takes tremendous effort and willpower to learn to cope with these feelings and to hide them from the world.

Because of anxiety in the workplace--the boss, other employees and the demands of the job itself--self-employment is a good choice for shy people.

They can thrive when they start up their own business

They tend to work hard and are driven to succeed.

Working in the arts or as a performer can also pay off

John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Elvis, James Dean, Martin Scorsese, Prince, Marlon Brando, Michael Moore, Joaquin Phoenix and so many more were born shy. They are also private people who are only really comfortable when in character and costume.

Some Short Index Finger people go into politics

And they make a success of it. Their self-doubt pushes them into a position of power and control where nobody can ever criticize or hurt them again. Andrew Cuomo, Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin have this finger formation.

A politician with this finger will always react sharply to any kind of criticism… even seeing it where it does not exist. They will always want to be right. By contrast, such leaders as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton, with their Average Index Fingers, engaged in calm debate when attacked.

Every person who is born shy learns to handle it their own way. Some become loud, others hide in a shell. These people take whatever talent, skill or ability they have, including their physical attributes, and make the most of them.

Because those with Short Index Fingers are constantly worried that they might fail, they keep their skills honed, work hard to avoid criticism, and tend to be perfectionists. In other words, they are excellent employees in many ways.

And it’s not that they lack people skills, but rather that they are so hypersensitive to any comment that it gets in the way of their personal and work relationships.

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