About his testosterone level

Just as you saw that how a man behaves can alter his serotonin, so can it change his testosterone level.

Unlike serotonin, which makes men cranky if they don’t have enough of it, there is a hormone that causes aggression when a man has too much--testosterone.

Men have far-higher levels than females, no doubt being the reason why more men commit murder in every society than do women.

An aggressive encounter will change a man’s level. Men who come out on top in a fight get a blast of testosterone and men who lose suffer a drain.

Men don’t even have to get physical to experience this hormonal surge. Winning a $5 coin toss can get a man pumped.

In fact, the most surprising test results were those that showed that a man can actually be doing poorly in a contest, but if he is told that he’s the winner his testosterone still soars.

So it’s a man’s brain and the messages inside it that trigger his sex hormone, testosterone.

What you say and do on a first date may be irreversible.

The testosterone yo-yo

The testosterone yo-yo explains why men are glued to the Super Bowl, first cheering and then cursing, till they know their team has won -- and why there’ll be no sex that night if the boys lose.

From Living with Our Genes by Dean Hamer and Peter Copeland

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