Testosterone levels

Elevated testosterone levels are associated with dominance in men, but only with social dominance, and not with physical aggression.

A man’s success in life brings about high levels of testosterone, which in turn brings on more dominant behavior, which in turn brings more success.

Biologists refer to this as “the winner effect.”

But a man’s testosterone stays high only as long as he is in power.
Now you know why rock stars never want to retire. And why Donald Trump came back to triumph again after his bankruptcy.

It’s not about money, it’s about the power that makes them feel alive.
And now you understand why highly successful men are often also highly promiscuous. Their testosterone is soaring.

Actors and football players have the highest testosterone scores. Think of O.J. Simpson, David Beckham, John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Priests have the lowest levels.

It’s not something that men talk about because it’s not something they have a great deal of control over. And we know how men hate to not feel in control.

The greatest rise and fall of testosterone levels is triggered by a man’s relationships with other people.

Everything that is said to him is reflected against his level of self-esteem and then registered as a spike or a dive in his body chemistry.

It explains why for many men social relations are not at the top of their list of “things that make you feel like a winner.”

Most women have higher verbal and social skills than men.

Let’s look back at Shere Hite’s wives, writing from all over America about their men, but as if with one voice:
“He doesn’t listen. He cuts me short or patronizes me or has no comment on what I say or grunts in reply.

"He doesn’t hear what I say. He wants me to agree with everything he says and if I don’t, he says I am rude and aggressive. He won’t sit down and talk with me when I ask him to.”

Now that you understand how his body chemistry fluctuates according to how he interprets what you say to him, does this surprise you?

No wonder when a man feels put down by his wife he plays a video game, heads for the on-line porn or storms off to a bar. These are the quick-fix ways to get his testosterone levels back up and make him feel “like a man” again.

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